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Betty: You and I have to work to look at where we need to repent and be careful that the enemy doesn’t trick us into arrogance. Because that will turn God away from us. See, the enemy, when he’s set free, is going to be using angelic intelligence to lead us away. So, we have to be really careful. Those angels are much smarter than we are. The Lord’s going to allow us to be tempted. That’s what they’re saying with this anti-Christ. So, you have to stay close to the Lord, because the humble, contrite heart, God is going to protect, not the arrogant, blaming part. The arrogant, blaming part, God will allow to fall flat on its face. Because it needs that to get in humility. So, don’t align with that, because then you’re not going to get the help you need. 

If we align with our subtle, unconscious, arrogance and judgmentalism, God’s not going to hear that. But the humble, contrite heart, he will rush to the aid of that person.  Open those doors and get down there and clean out, almost like a hornet’s nest of excuses. It’s not going to do you well in difficult times. Because it is true. God protects the humble, contrite heart. He protects the heart of a child. God does not reach out to protect the arrogant, the blamer, the excuser, the betrayer, etc. Because they have to fall on their face in order to get right with Him. So, by taking that stand, they’re actually bringing suffering to themselves. So, your adult needs to pray for that part of you that is disgusted with the way things are going. But it’s like, “Ok girl. You’re part of the arrogant sin of this. So, do a little repenting and maybe things will start changing for the better. 

AM: Yeah, I need to do that. My anger comes up and lately I’ve been eating it down.  

Betty: That’s really good about you. A lot of people are not aware that they’re running, but you’re aware when you do that. I’m hearing this, “Well, look, if God is God, why can’t he just put a stop to all this stuff?”

 AM: I don’t want to be in that arrogant place. 

Betty: That part is arrogant, because it’s kind of trying to blame God for the mess. And it’s like, “Wait a minute!” It’s our arrogance. It’s our refusal to be humble of heart. It’s the very thing that that part is expressing that is part of the problem. So, I think the Lord’s trying to do something for you, and this is a grace. He’s wanting you, the adult, to go downstairs with him, and open these doors and clean up these little rat holes. It’s where arrogance wants to hide out. Because when the hard times comes, you’re going to be much better off if you have a humble, contrite, innocent heart. 

Satan will look for those rat holes, because their his kind of abode where he can work. So, both you and I really would do well to try to get purity of heart, because when hard times come, we don’t want rat holes for Satan to hide in and to attack us. 

I think this is what Carl Jung saw in the American public. They weren’t dealing with their shadow, their arrogance and you name it. And he said, “You Americans are capable of doing the same thing the Germans did during the time of Hitler. Because those are the areas in which Satan can get us to betray the Lord. So, when you see a priest for Reconciliation, you can say, “Father, I need to clean out all my rat holes.” 

Make an examination of conscience to see where your rat holes are and if possible, go to the sacrament of Reconciliation

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