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AM: It’s challenging for me to be humble around these bitter people. I don’t know how to interact with them

Betty: We keep refusing to be bitter. If you become bitter, you’re giving them power over you. By standing in your own integrity, they’re not getting satisfaction, which is what they want. But here’s the tricky part. Because our human nature is so corrupt, I could see where the human nature in you would want to say inside, “Nay, nay, nay, I’m not going to get bitter.” That’s not what you want. Because then, in a sense, you are bitter. So, when you find yourself going there, you’ve got to say, ” Lord, help me see how much I need prayer.” So, it is a marvelous laboratory for purification of the heart. How did you manage to dream up such a good thing? I mean, some people would have to go out and pay big money to get such a cooperative venture started, and you got it for nothing. 

It’s become a project for these petty people. It’s a nice little game they’re playing with you. Can you turn to the Lord, and put that up in prayer? Tell me if I’m asking too much of you. But are you at the stage where you can turn to the Lord and thank Him for going out of his way to set this up for you? I’m looking at this and saying, “This is masterful, Lord. How did you manage to get such a setup to help her get out of her own pride?” It shows me how greatly He loves you that He went out of His way to do this for you. I’m at the point of tears. Wow, how much He must love you that He got these people who He obviously knew had this problem. God knows everything, right? And it’s like, “Oh ok. They could help AM and her family with that problem. And she can help them with their problem. Oh, let’s get these two get together here.” 

“Lord, you showed us what it looks like to be locked in selfishness. If there’s any part of us locked in selfishness, please break that part up where You can release it. Set us free to be loving and not give back to people unloving behavior if that’s what they’re giving to us. Get us away from paying people back with what they do to us.” 

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