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AM: I asked my Aunt Betty questions about an online healing service we attended.

Betty: Walk in faith, believing you feel God’s power in a greater way. We could experience that far more than we do. But we lack the faith to allow it to happen. When we go to a healing service, t’s really Jesus doing the healing. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it. So, I have no problem. But there are some people who will not allow themselves to open in faith to believe. That’s their choice, but then they don’t receive His healing power, it’s a matter of choice. You have skeptics sitting there saying, “Oh that’s just emotions. The priest’s playing the power of suggestion on the people.” If that’s where their mind goes, sure they don’t receive healing, because they’re making sure they don’t. Scripture emphasizes the importance of, “How great is your faith?” Because faith is like an electrical cord. You can have a lamp there, but if you don’t plug it into an electric circuit, you’re not going to get light. Our faith for healing is like the plug that goes into the healing presence of God that is always with us. I believe there was healing from the healing service today. Because I believe it’s always God’s will to heal, if we can only get our unbelief out of the way, and let Him do it. But this priest will get a lot of criticism, because of jealousy and envy. Some people can’t believe that God could heal that simply. They’ll look at his faults and say, “You have this fault and that fault.” And they’ll use that as an excuse not to receive healing. That’s a choice. They’re making a choice. What you focus on is what you attract to. So, I personally would feel that would be powerful to hang on to a copy of that healing service. And if people who are open come to you, explain to them how our faith connects us to God. Look at Mary. Her life was a life of perfect faith.I was thinking that today, while saying the Stations of the Cross. Mary knew how to stay connected. She never pulled the plug out. We do. That’s our problem. 

With the healing prayer tapes I did in the past, I got all kinds of emails and letters from people who said, even as they listened to the tape, they could feel the anointing over them. And they would get healing. So, a lot has to do with the person who is receiving. They’ll block the healing if they go into criticism saying, “This is just emotional.” That’s because they’re focused in on, “Why isn’t God in this?” Well if that’s the way they want to go, it’s their choice.

AM: Don’t you think the healing service was anointed? 

Betty: Anytime God acts, it’s anointed. See, what is anointing? It’s the connection of God. So, if you have people who have the strength of faith, there will be that anointing on their sermons. That’s why we say, “Oh that was such an anointed sermon.” Actually, over the years, I came to realize, the anointing is there, because this person really tuned in to the Will of God in that moment. The anointing is the presence of God in their obedience. They’re somebody who has the kind of faith that can tune in, and not go into criticism, They’re going to receive healing when they listen to that. But it doesn’t have to be that priest. God has done that with countless people. 

Is there any area in your life where you’re doubting God’s power to heal?

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