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I had someone injure my feet a few years ago. It continues to be a problem. Below in red are my Aunt Betty’s words of wisdom.

Betty: Have you been seeing the Lord’s light going into your feet? Go into tongues, because you can’t explain it. But you know there has to be a good reason for it, or He’d take it from you. So, you pray. I have seen times when the Lord wanted to do the healing. So, whatever needs to be accomplished, whatever good needs to come out of the affliction, when that gets done, then God can heal. I think people who don’t unite their sufferings with the passion of Christ actually prolong their own suffering. But of course, some of them don’t know the difference. Knowing the Scripture, I believe that the Lord wants to bring good out of everything that happens to us. So, the only reason He allows things to happen, is that He sees a good that is to come out of it. You and I can enter in, and ask the Spirit of God to pray through us for whatever it is in the mystery that God wants to bring out of this suffering. If we’re asking the spirit to pray for that, and we’re uniting it with His suffering, then we are in a disposition that allows God to accomplish the good He intended to bring out of it. And knowing the nature of God, that is love and goodness, when that good is accomplished, then that sets Him free to heal us. Whereas, people who complain and moan about it are, in a way, prolonging their own suffering. 

Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade said, “I believe that if the souls of those souls that tend towards sanctity were instructed as to the conduct they ought to follow, they would be spared a good deal of trouble. I speak as much of people in the world as of others. If they could realize the merit concealed in the actions of each moment of the day: I mean in each of the daily duties of their state in life, they would indeed be happy. If, besides, they understood that to attain the utmost height of perfection, the safest and surest way is to accept the crosses sent them by Providence at every moment, that the true philosopher’s stone is submission to the will of God, which changes into divine gold all their occupations, troubles and sufferings. What consolation would be there. What courage would they not derived from the thought that to acquire the friendship of God, and to arrive at eternal glory, they had but to do what they were doing. But to suffer, what they were suffering, and that what they wasted and counted as nothing would suffice to enable them to arrive at eminent sanctity: far more so than extraordinary states and wonderful works.” 

All of your spiritual masters will tell you that in your daily life, in the things that God permits to come your way, that that is the material, out of which holiness happens. And I think a lot of times we miss the opportunity to allow the Lord to move us through our pain, because we moan and groan about it. The enemy can use our need for creature comfort to mess us up. So, we have to get stronger, and be willing to walk thru sufferings and discomforts. Immediately, unite with Jesus’ passion in what’s going on, rather than take the luxury to complain about it. 

May we be graced not to waste any suffering that comes our way.

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