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My Aunt Betty often reminds me that people who are intuitive get impatient, because they sometimes see the vision before it comes to fruition. Fr. Jerry would say, “The taller the building, the deeper the foundation.” Then he’d say, “What’s the foundation built on?”  HUMILITY. The below spiritual direction was written many years ago. I’m not exactly sure what my Aunt Betty and I were talking about, but her words are in red below and apply to the importance of not trying to step ahead of God.

We need to slow down when we are praying. Our biggest mistakes are often in the impulsive decisions. Get the feel for where the Lord’s peace is leading you. God allows things to happen to teach us to let go. Pray and see what’s best. Let go of having to do things your way. Anxiety can be controlled by your breath. Take a deep breath of God’s light. Give your anxiety to the cross.

The Lord wants you to let go, and the doors will go wide open. When we are out of God’s will, we get frustrated. If we push God’s will, we get frustrated. If we are in God’s will, we praise Him if He closes or opens a door. You don’t want to go through any door that God doesn’t want. As you surrender, the right doors open.

Ask the Lord to help you get past being frustrated, because your will isn’t always in agreement with His. “Lord, please help me get more into the timing of Your will.” There’s a part of you rushing ahead of the Lord. “Lord, show me where I’m pushing ahead.” As you pray in tongues, you get more peaceful. When you get shortness of breath, take a deep breath of the Lord’s light. Learn to work in peace. Don’t let your focus swing into other areas. Pray in tongues, and ask the Lord to help you get more disciplined and focused on Him.

Do you find yourself getting impatient and frustrated waiting on God’s call for your life? Can you pray, “Lord, please help me get more into the timing of Your will.” Then, wait for Him to open the doors in your life in His time.

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