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This is a continuation of a session with my Aunt Betty that I wrote last year. It was after I injured my foot. I was complaining to her. Her response is in red below. The picture I found of the little girl with roses reminded me of how St. Therese learned to offer up her sufferings as intercessory prayer. It changed her whole outlook and made sacrifices a joy for her.

Okay, now just stop it. Look at what you just said. If you’re looking at this in the Divine Will, you hand that up to the Lord and say, “Lord, it bothers me that there were resources that were given to this that seemed to be a waste. Yet, You have taught us that there are no accidents, and that all things have a purpose. So, I need your help here, so I don’t make it worse by going into rebellion by judging it to be a waste.”

In the Divine Will, what happens to us is not a waste. God has a purpose. “Lord, help me to yield and cooperate with whatever good was meant to come out of this. Hopefully, in Your compassion, this too will pass.” See, I’m to the point now where I can’t call things like this a waste. I’m learning that all of this has value. “So, Lord whatever situation, whether it’s what’s happening to X or any needs my children have that I don’t even know about, whatever this suffering is intended to assist or help, help me to yield to that. Help me not waste this suffering with my self-pity and rebellion.”

Every time these thoughts come back to you, tell yourself God wants everything to work together unto you good (Rom 8:28) and imagine that Lord’s Healing light entering into your feet.

It appears as we relax into God’s will with the happenings in our lives, it opens the door to more healing on all 5 levels. If it is not to God’s glory for you to have hurting feet and you stop fighting Him, it is easier to receive the healing. People often block their own healing by refusing to relax in God’s will.

You need to relax in God’s will and give God permission to chose the manner in which that healing is to come about. Unfortunately, our unconscious need to control everything can even interfere with our own healing. Look up 2 Kings 5. You can see Naaman choosing to destroy his own healing process.
Remember in the Old Testament how Commander Naaman from Syria was asking the prophet Elisha to heal him of his leprosy. Elisha sent him a message to bath in the river Jordon and Naaman fussed that he could have bathed in the river in his own country. Then one of his slave girls told him to stop fussing and do as the prophet requested and sure enough the guy was healed? (2 Kings 5)

Try to get to what I’m getting to. Life has a purpose, and what happens to us is part of the Divine plan. The saints were happy amid suffering, and why was that? I think it’s because of what I’m saying. They knew how not to waste suffering like we do. Reading the Divine Will readings will help you be able to handle this better. Look at what Jesus taught us and say, “Where does this fit in with what I’m going through?” We can go to the Lord and say, “Lord, I need your special help, because I find myself going into rebellion over this pain in my feet. I don’t want to be rebellious. I want to learn the wisdom your saints had. Please teach me.” Jesus said it honors Him, when we go to Him acknowledging our weaknesses and inability to stand in courage, crying out for Him to be our courage. That gives Him honor and glory. So, do that. Don’t waste it in suffering. Maybe your ability to suffer this might help X.

Is there an area in your life where you’ve been fighting God? “Lord, help me to yield and cooperate with whatever good was meant to come out of this.


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