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I pick up when people are judging on me. Thus, I prefer to stay under the radar. But that’s not possible, since we will always have people who find fault in us. Below are my Aunt Betty’s words to me in red.

In Jesus’ time, there were good Pharisees and bad Pharisees. Sometimes we’re acting out the negative Pharisee side, but we’re busy condemning those that we see have the negative. We all have a shadow side of “I thank you Lord that I am not like the rest of men.”  If you look at everyone, there’s the beautiful side, but then there’s the part that they don’t want to recognize in the negative part of that shadow. It is usually stuff like “I thank you, Lord, I am not like the rest of men.” They’re not quite ready to face it, but we all have it. So, you’re getting ready to face it. Now that you’re getting ready to face it, are you willing to hand it over to the Lord, and ask Him to take it where it needs to go? It’s a human problem. Are you ready to repent of that?

Here’s the way I think of personality. I feel like our personalities are like fluid. We respond to people based on where our judgment is at the time. Sometimes, when people come near us, they can be smiling. Yet, if we sense judgment in them at that moment, they might be talking about their problem with you, and in you walk. You pick up the part of their personality that is in the negative judgment on you at that moment. I think what happens is, we don’t know where their thoughts are, and where their focus is in their personalities, and we walk in on it. You can almost feel it like ice or like closed doors. It’s not the whole of them, but that particular part of their personality that you chanced in on that is in a negative judgment. And when you walk in on it, you feel like, “Okay, something’s going on here.” I know it’s not the whole of the person, but you can almost feel the closed door to you., You know you got to get out of there. It is not a good time to try to talk with them. Their positive part of their personality might be there, but it’s not up close to the surface. So, what you’re picking up is their negative judgment at that moment. What I’ve learned to do is say, “Okay, Lord. I have no idea what’s going on, but you do. I just hold it up to you. I ask that you bring it into your glory, and let Your will be done on this. But teach me what I’m to do.” In other words, I need to know how to respond to whatever is coming up in their consciousness.

Well, it’s Romans 8:28. “For to those that love God and are called according to His plan, all things work together unto good.” So, when we chance into this negative part in a person, what we need to do is enter into faith believing God can turn even this into the good. But we need to turn to Him and let go. In other words, the worst thing we could do would be to judge back. The best thing we can do is lift what we’re perceiving up to the Lord, and ask Him to show us, or teach us how He means to bring this to our good, because it’s not up to us. When family members who are trying to work through their own weaknesses come together and pray, it stirs the pot that needs to be stirred in the family unconscious. And it will bring up stuff that hasn’t been dealt with that needs to come to consciousness to be owned and handed over in order to move into freedom.




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