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Jesus told St. Faustina, “Always fight with deep conviction that I am with you. Do not be guided by feeling, because it is not always under your control. But all merit lies in the will.” (Diary 1760) Below is an excerpt from a spiritual direction session I had with my Aunt Betty where she was stressing the importance of my willingness to open the doors inside that need healing. Her words are in red.

This part in you is wounded. Pray, “Lord in your great love and mercy, give me the strength to know that you hold that woundedness in me in your own arms. You are strengthening me and helping me stop the selfish games that are holding me back.” These are all games we play. It’s a waste of time, but I played some of those games myself. And God in His great mercy has worked hard to get me away from as many as He could. There’s still lots of work, but being open is key. He can’t do anything unless we’re open. He has to honor our free will. And we mess up our lives by hanging onto the wrong junk and deceit that Satan puts in us. So, you need to pray, “Lord help.” That’s why that Obedient Heart Prayer is so powerful.

“Lord, help me allow you to come in any doors that You know need to be open, and close any doors that You know need to be closed.” We need to give God permission every day, because God will not force us. He’s a gentleman, so, we have to give Him permission. We’re a work in progress.

There are places in you that are deep seated that came up today. So, as long as you will to keep the doors open, there are deeper levels of growth. We took one level and there’s healing that’s happening there. But there are other doors that have been opened or closed that are in resistance. So, God just has to do it layer by layer, right? The Lord understands our psyche and He knows He can only move with a certain amount of precision and alacrity. He doesn’t want us to have a nervous breakdown. We cannot change too rapidly. So, He has to wait on us to give Him permission. But, if we give Him permission when He shows us areas, it really helps us to be able to do that which we want to do anyhow, but our own selfishness fools us into hanging on to it.

So, it’s a tremendous help to us, if we can learn to say those yeses. But He knows when we’re ready to move and to allow Him to move and get us that healing we need. So often, we’re busy being fooled by the evil one thinking we really need this stupid thing. Whereas, God might be aware that we now have the grace to let go. And that’s the thing. We don’t want to stand in God’s way by listening to the corrupt parts of us that block the healing that He knows needs to be done. So, that’s why I’m saying that every day, give Him permission to open those parts of you that are ready to be open. Then He can bring about the change.



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