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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is from a spiritual direction session with my Aunt Betty, where she was sharing with me the importance of speaking the truth and then leaving the results to God. Her words are in red below:

Sometimes when you speak truth, people don’t want to hear it. I feel like the Lord is trying to reach X.  It is part of our prayer.  You could also use the healing. So, that’s what the Lord would like from you– that you get freer and freer. The Lord is always about trying to get us freer and freer to follow Him and get us out of our places of stuckness and darkness. And He does some of the most unbelievable things.

We run into these mysteries in our life. They don’t make sense. I think God permits them for getting us out of messes. God works in strange ways. You have got to keep believing that God is going to work through this mess. I look at it with your life and these accusations that have come up out of X’s need. How do you defend yourself? We can’t always defend ourselves. The only thing I think we can do is say, “Okay, Lord, what good do you want to come out of it in my regard?” Pray that that door opens, but give God the mess. We can’t judge X. Only God knows what is going on. But what we want is the overall good of everybody involved. So, where does the good start? The good starts with us owning, “Lord, show me what I need to learn out of this.” Then, that releases whatever is out there for God to move it in another direction. We’re in a mystery.


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