AM: The lie that’s coming up is that the route Jesus is going to take me is failure. 

Betty: So, your judger is having a heyday?  Do you notice how often your pain goes back to her? What do you think about that?

AM: Tim said he couldn’t live under that.

Betty: No. And if you notice, he has that even, peaceful personality. That’s why he has it. Because he doesn’t do that nonsense. So really, cry out to the Lord a big thank you for helping you see it boldly. But now, ask Him for the miracle to bring about the change that of yourself, you can’t do it. With his divine help, all things are possible.

AM: There’s a part of me that doesn’t like trusting at a deep level.” I know God’s gonna come through, but on some things, my controller comes out.

Betty: Your controller gives herself credit for power. But she does not have any faith to give Jesus the credit he deserves as her true divine power. And that’s stupid. Why don’t you go into prayer exactly on this point. Because what you’ve got now is truth.

AM: “Lord, I give you these lies. Help me trust you no matter what is going on…”

Betty: ”And help me let go of the delusion that I can control it or that I am alone to blame for the terrible state of this world. Help me to stay in reality with you believing in your power to be greater to transform us then my weakness and mistakes actually are.” See, because she’s giving the power to her mistakes and her weakness instead of Jesus. She’s in a delusion that’s practically demonic.

AM: What do you mean by giving my power to weakness and mistakes? How do I give my power to those parts?

Betty: Because you focus and believe all the nonsense. You see, people like myself, we don’t believe in its lies. We know it’s crazy thinking. We recognize the crazy thinking and refuse to engage. Don’t you want to do that? Because if you think crazy, you’re gonna wind up acting crazy. Put that in a prayer. 

AM: “Lord, I don’t want to think crazy…”

Betty: Ask Him to show you how to get out of this. You’re under a tyranny of thought, like a compulsion. See it takes negative judgment to rouse your emotions, right? Look at Tim again. He doesn’t think the crazy thoughts, because he does not have the crazy judgment on himself. So, you gotta go back to the origin of the crazy thought. If we think crazy about ourselves, then we ourselves have opened to wasting energy and focus on the thought that is like a world without the Son of God. Do you or don’t you live in a world in which Jesus couldn’t give a care? See, I haven’t experienced that Jesus. My Jesus is very, very caring and wants to give his mercy to the world. But we’re being stubborn, rebellious, refusing his mercy. We’re being encouraged to see the world as crazy as many do. That’s where we have to stand up and say no and keep believing the truth of Jesus Christ. Paul told us early on. He said, “Put on the mind of Christ Jesus.” Don’t put on the mind of the crazies is implied with his direction to put on the mind of Christ Jesus. Because the world’s mind is crazy.

Do you have on the “mind of Christ,” or do you find yourself in discouragement and doubt? “Lord, help us to stay in reality with you believing in your power to be greater to transform us then our weaknesses and mistakes actually are.”

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