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AM: This was from a conversation whereby I overheard a child say, “I’m a piece of trash.” I asked my Aunt Betty what the kid’s mom could do to help him.

Betty: The choice to say, “Well, I’m just a piece of trash?” Where is that in Scripture?  

AM: What do you mean? 

Betty: I’d say to him, “Where did you read that Jesus said you were a piece of trash?” Make him think, “If Jesus didn’t say it, then, where’s it coming from in you?” Well, then he might say, “Well, because my siblings are bossing me around telling me to brush my teeth, blah, blah, blah” “Wait a minute. If they’re suggesting to you that your teeth need attention, is that really saying you’re a piece of trash? Come on. It’s not.” So, you confront the game Satan has going. So, he can see, “This isn’t logical.” Well then he might come out with, “Well, I just don’t like them ordering me around.” 

“Well then, say it that way. But don’t condemn yourself and say you’re a piece of trash, because they asked you to brush your teeth.” Work with him on early character formation, because he’s establishing habits of thought. And you want to teach him how to establish habits of thought that are in onement with Christ Jesus. “Because Jesus lives in you. And he doesn’t like when you think you’re trash.” Every time we accept Satan’s lies, in some way, we’re choosing to walk away from truth. And Jesus said, “I am Truth.” So, the boy doesn’t want to take in lies. But that doesn’t just go for him. That goes for you, me and everybody else. You could use that as one of your teachings–to go deeper in really becoming a warrior for truth from within. The whole Divine Will it is to come into a union with Jesus. Jesus is truth. So, we’ve really got to get the trash out of our heads. That’s why I think the Lord said to me early on, “Consecrate yourself to me in truth, and renounce anything you heard, saw or read that does not give honor to my truth

I’d start with, “Lord, I want to consecrate myself to you in truth, because you are truth and I want union with You. I know that you cannot unite with deceit in any form. It goes against your nature. So please, Lord, clean me up. Help me to recognize and to cast out with your help, anything that does not give witness to you as truth. Show me where I have accepted any deceits from Satan, be it in anything I read in a book, magazine, etc. or saw or heard on TV, a movie, live, etc. That includes anything I heard, anything that even welled up within me from the dark one, anything that came down from the generations. In my gut, they’re just not of truth. For example, prejudiced feelings of aversion that are not from you, Lord, I want to be cleansed, to the point of being true in every part of my being. I give You everything I read or everything I’m going to read. I ask You to guide me. If what I’m reading or seeing or listening to is not pleasing to you, let my gut have a reaction to it, so I stay in your truth. I know truth is very precious, because you are truth. I know, we live in a world that’s filled with lying and deceit, and all the confusions that come from that. So, I ask Lord, that you put Your precious blood around me and protect me, so I don’t breathe, or think or feel and take it in. Mary, you were kept immaculate, and you lived in a world that also was sinful. So, walk with me and show me how not to succumb even though I think everybody’s thinking or saying or doing it. I want  to please and honor you. That’s what I mean by consecrating myself in Your truth, Jesus, to be totally at onement with you. Take from me anything at all, wherever it is in me, that does not witness to truth. Give me a great distaste for it, so I no longer want it. If there’s any books or movies, anything that I have in my possession, that is of confusion and deceit, point it out to me, and I’ll get rid of it. I want to praise you. I want to honor you, by being a welcoming place for you, who are truth itself. Amen.” 

Our world is so heavily polluted with deceit. A lot of our Christians and Catholics don’t even know that they’ve been waddling in crap. The avoidance of truth is really part of our willfulness, wanting to have full say over our life and not be interfered with by what God wants for us.

AM: So, then we go into the avoidance of truth to just keep doing what we want to do?

Betty: Yeah, to keep control. Jesus said. that basically the Pharisees knew what God wanted of them, but they got attached to the law, the regulations and what they were wearing. They got attached to things, rather than what God was asking of them. Jesus said, “You lay heavy burdens on the people.” It was unnecessary stuff. So, it was confusion and lies they were putting on the people. 

AM: Relate that to us. We can do the same thing. We can accept Satan’s lies, especially those that help give us more control, so that we don’t have to do what God tells us to do.

Betty: Anything that pops in our mind, that contradicts the Word of God, if we’re Christian, we should know, right away, that it is not of the Lord. Because the Lord does not lie.  We have to pray for the grace to be aware. That’s a tremendous grace. Once we’re aware, our job is to renounce any lies, in Jesus’ name. That means, in His authority, and cast it out of us. I choose what the Lord said. The Lord said, “You’re precious in my sight.” He didn’t say you’re a piece of trash. Do you understand? When Jesus said to me, “Betty, I’m being crucified as truth.” One of the ways we can honor Him, is to really have courage and spiritually fight off the deceit. We need to be on the side of truth. 

AM: It’s a spiritual battle as those feelings come up, right? That’s my difficulty is the feelings. 

Betty: And that’s the battle that you go through. Everybody’s different. Some people go through thoughts. Sometimes you’re watching TV and they’ll be lying away. I say, “In the name Jesus, I rebuke and bind that lie.” It is coming to us all over. 

AM: What’s some wisdom I can put on my blog for people who are struggling at this time? People are looking for encouragement and insight as to what they do with this time. 

Betty: Well, that might be something that they might want to work on. What about cleaning? It’s spring. It’s time for spring house cleaning. What about, “Have you done you spring mind cleaning?” Look at anything that contradicts truth that come up in thoughts, our imagination, etc.


  1. These words are so encouraging, as we have spent more time isolated away from gatherings, I feel thees words give a holy boldness. The prayer is needed. Sister Betty is always teaching us. I Love her. Margie (Happy Mother’s Day, AnneMarie)


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