Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com

I was in a judgmental, arrogant place during this session with my Aunt Betty. I don’t remember the details now, but I must have wanted to avoid whoever I was struggling with that was arrogant as well.

Betty: Continue repenting. Ask the Lord to open any walled doors inside of you that are sealed, because you have to do some repenting to get that door open. You can see how ugly it is to be prideful and judgmental. It’s Satan’s workshop, isn’t it? A prideful, judgmental heart makes for a wonderful workshop for Satan. But that’s not who we want to serve. So, prior to the time of revelation, we are asking the Lord to show us where we have unconsciously fallen into a pattern, a judgmental place, and have kind of gotten comfortable there. We don’t even know when we’re there. But we can certainly see when these other people are there. X has been thoroughly judged by that part of your child as being there. Just like Y judged Z as being prideful. We call them phonies. You can’t be a phony if you’re not prideful. You won’t get the job. Anybody who is a phony is somebody hiding something, usually their bad traits. And they’re coming across looking like a bishop, pope, or whatever. People look at them, and they feel phony baloney. They don’t say anything, but they’re not attracted to them. Nobody’s attracted to a phony baloney. 

Now, look at any phony baloney people that you think you know. Aren’t they prideful people trying to be somebody they’re not? You feel disgust. Most phony people are met with disgust, aren’t they? “A humble, contrite heart, the Lord does not despise.” I don’t think God despising me is a safe place to be. Go into tongues, and see what’s happening downstairs. Think what you have to face there. It’s the lie. It’s the lie that’s covering, “I really do care.” Go into your heart. Take a look at your heart.

Is there anyone in your life that you find yourself clashing with because you see them as a phony? Get into the humble, contrite heart, and go into prayer, and listen to what God is saying.

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