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Betty: When you lose your peace, you know you’re on the wrong path. Just take for granted that when you lose your peace that it’s not the path God will take you on. So, just hand it over to the Lord. It’s his problem. You tried to do the best you could. And you did. So, now you roll with it. If you listen to Luisa Piccareta, it’s a big thing when we give up peace, so you don’t want to get in the habit of giving it up easily. 

AM: I know, but my stress is really high. 

Betty: You create that stress. So, if you create it, then you can stop it

AM: I just have this inner stressor…

Betty: Yeah, well, you gotta give it up if it doesn’t work for you. Get with it. Don’t waste time. These are things that cause you to lose your peace. It’s that type of thing that causes you to keep going back and asking yourself, “Did I do the right thing?” You know this is not of the Lord. It’s okay if a question comes, “Did I do the right thing?” But then put it in Jesus’ hands, and ask him to help you know. You want to learn from your experience. But learn and move on. You don’t want to live a life of tension. God doesn’t want you to live in stress and tension. God teaches us a way not to have a life like that. But then we have to act on it. 

AM: Yeah. I know all those things. This is going to take a miracle. 

Betty:  Believe for the miracle. Because you need the miracle if that really is true. Then ask the Lord for it. But you don’t want to hang in a place of tension. It’s not of the Lord. So, refuse to let Satan get you there to torture you. Just refuse. I am so glad that I listened to this truth and changed my way of acting. I can’t tell you how much difference it’s made in my life. And it’s a real decision to stop doing that to yourself. 

AM: Yeah I’ll try. 

Betty: No, don’t say, “I’ll try.” Put your faith in God, and accept that if God wants it for you, then you know you’ve got the grace. Accept the grace and say no. Because you torture yourself by sitting on the fence and doing that. Give up torture. It’s not pleasing to the Lord. He loves you. And you’re torturing Jesus when you allow Satan to torture you, because Jesus lives in you. And when you give your peace away, you’re depriving him. So, look at it as, “Whoa, this is selfish. I’m a temple of the Holy Spirit. I can’t act like this anymore. I have to give it up.” I notice you are always the happiest when you’re in obedience to the Lord. So, you’re paying a high price. It’s not worth it. I think Satan is used to you giving into him. See, every time you give in to him, you’re losing ground. He has to get used to you saying, “I’m not going there.” You have to be very clear that once you’ve made up your mind that going into stress and tension and letting him torture you is not an option that you’re not going there. It is really mistrusting God’s loyalty and love. So, you don’t want to go there. It’s like, “Okay, this isn’t working. Say goodbye.” Why waste your life? 

AM: So, I just pray and hope that…

Betty: Yes, every time you think about that, you put it in the Lord’s hands. And you say, “Lord, I just trust I did the right thing.”

Is there a situation you’re struggling with in your life right now? Put your faith in God, and accept that if God wants you to do something, then you know you’ve got the grace. Accept the grace and refuse to let Satan torture you.


  1. I love this dialogue and direction…thank you! I have always felt the Fruit of the Spirit is my compass in life to let me know that I am going in the right direction.
    “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…” Gal 2:22,23.

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