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Betty: The evil is running over. It just can’t contain itself. It’s very scary that way.  Be sure to pray protection everyday

AM: I’m depressed. I’ve got the gum pain from the surgery…

Betty: What is it? Is there a part of you saying it’s pain that you shouldn’t have had to suffer or what? 

AM: I went into it with a good attitude. But not having those foods that I’m used to eating is depressing.  

Betty: Could you take all that you’re saying to me, and roll it up in a prayer? I want you to stop and think about it. What is it that you need to ask the Lord for? What is all of this saying to you? See, I don’t believe that God permits anything in our life, but that He wants to bring good out of it. So, if you look at all that you got finishing saying, what is it that you want to ask the Lord to do? You see the need for you to find joy in carrying out the will of God, right? The saints seemed to know how to do this. Think back over what you read about the saints. Their greatest joy was to suffer for the Lord. Is that a gift you’d like to ask the Lord for? Because I’ve heard you complain. You’re saying, “I don’t suffer well. What am I going to do in the days ahead?” Maybe you better think about where you need to ask the Lord, in His great love and mercy,, to work ahead of time with you, so that you can find joy in suffering. Because you’re going to need to learn how to do that. Go into tongues, and seriously think about what I’m saying to you. 

AM: Father X had depression his whole life. He never got out of it. 

Betty: Now, hand that to the Lord, wherever that came from. Hand it over to the Lord, and perhaps say to the Lord, “If this doesn’t lead me to joy, then take it from me.” Show me what part needs to bring that up and bang me over the head with it.  

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