Betty: There is a part of you that plays with truth. That is a door thru which Satan will try to attack you. I can’t say I did that. That’s where you and I differ. When Jesus said, “I am truth,” I gave that a lot of thought. If he’s the source of all truth, then all the “I ams” in Scripture are very powerful. It’s saying that God identifies with whatever “I am.” So, when he says, “I am light,” Jesus is saying there is an essence of light that is divine. I contemplated that. I really entered in belief into it. I believed it is through that that he could do more powerful healings through me. When I did healing workshops, and a person would start to come toward me, the Lord would show me himself as iight entering into that person. So, I knew that it was him doing the healing as a healing light. The light of Christ is healing.

It’s the same with, “I am truth.” It is Christ’s essence. And for that truth to be untrue, God would have to fall out of existence, which is impossible. So, I stand on the rock of truth. I pick up from you that you don’t seem to have that good foundation. Because you don’t accept the essence of God as truth. It’s gonna be very important for the days ahead that you don’t get knocked off away from Christ and that you really accept him as truth. It’ll be important that you don’t go into any kind of doubt, because you feel you don’t believe in it. Feelings are nothing and not always true. They can be easily deceived. 

Let’s say physically you don’t feel good. That will mock your feeling. So, you can’t really trust feelings. But you can trust God as truth. He will never change. So, you’ve got to know these unchangeable truths that you can rely on, that you can stand on, and that you will give your life for. Because you know they are God’s and you cannot deny God in that. See, as long as you don’t accept God’s identity as truth, you will too easily get knocked down. 

AM: Okay, so I fast from negative thoughts?

Betty: Anything that contradicts what God said, you just don’t entertain it. It has no reality. That’s what it means to live a life of faith. See, the people who say, “Well maybe…,” Satan will wiggle ever more into that door. He’ll keep making it open wider, because they hesitated. You don’t hesitate when it comes to a truth that is proclaimed by Jesus Christ or that the Church says is a dogma. That means it’s solid. it’s one with Christ and the church cannot find a way to separate that from who Christ is. So the dogmas you don’t waiver on. You can’t say, “Well maybe…” That’s how the saints gave their lives. Because when it was a dogma, it was, “Sorry, this is reality.” They’re not gonna say it’s not. 

You can’t hem and ha. And I think your reliance on feelings over these years has made you a bit vulnerable. Because feelings are fickle. They’ll come and go. But God’s truth doesn’t come and go. It is. You might not feel it’s true. But you will stand there and say it is true regardless of what your feelings are saying. Because Christ said it; that’s why. The church has taught it. 


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