Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

AM: X hasn’t resolved her issues with her sister, so she’s not a safe person.  

Betty: Wait a minute, you back up a little bit. Is your judgment that she’s not a safe person really researched, or is it just a quick judgment? 

AM: It’s a quick judgment, but it’s coupled with the fact that X…

Betty: It’s okay, to reach a decision like what you’re doing. But I feel like there’s a heavy judgment or something there that is off limits. So, go into tongues and see what’s going on downstairs.  

AM: I feel like there’s…

Betty: Okay, take that and hold it up before the Lord and say, “Lord teach me.”  

AM: Well, this ties into the accuser just like when one of my kids was accused last year… I feel like with Y it’s not a trustworthy relationship… 

Betty: Okay, so by what you’re doing, can you see that, “Since this is similar to what happened over here, maybe I’m not really able to see this thing as the Lord sees it. So, I had better hand it over to the Lord and keep asking him, “Please, Lord teach me.” Because it seems like the Lord is on a journey here to give me greater freedom.” That’s what’s happening. This whole thing with Z isn’t finished. And when we don’t finish something, it does hook on to other things. And the Lord is almost forced to keep letting the thing repeat itself in crazy ways until we finally get the full message and the healing. So, what you’re picking up today is a further going deeper into what you tried to sweep under the rug, namely this whole mess with Z. And obviously, you can’t sweep it under the rug. It must be important for some reason for you to work it through, because here it is again. But this time it’s over with X. Now, what your gut is trying to tell you about X may or may not be true. We don’t know. Only God knows. So, go into tongues. And let’s keep praying, and see if there’s anything more here the Lord wants to share with us. 

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