Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Betty: There is a very demanding side of you. Repent of that demanding spirit and impatience. That which you do to another comes back on you. You’ve been impatient with the kids. Say a prayer to Jesus. “Lord, there’s a trait I dislike in one of them that I see in myself.” Our children can be unconsciously loyal. “See mom. I’m just like you.”

Help your children look at themselves and own their stuff. Tell them and the Lord how sorry you are for projecting out your hatred of your stuff onto them. Either you learn to let the Lord lead you, or your children will move you to healing, because they will be so uncomfortable to be around.

When people don’t own their own stuff, they have to bellyache about others and gossip. It smells so bad that they have to move it off on another. There’s a lot of rebellion going on inside you right now. In any way that we disrespect others, we fail to love them. When your children act out bad habits that you’ve role modeled, think WWJD. Ask the Lord to teach you. When you overreact, then you know you’re hooked.

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