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AM:  So, what do I do with the bad decision I made? 

Betty: Okay, see that is your Perfectionist wanting you to bite, and go into condemnation. But you’re free. You don’t have to let her dominate you and tell you what you are to think. You can take back the power that she has stolen from you. You can take it back, and say, “I’m not going there. I’m not going to waste my time torturing myself over something that is. I’m not going into my past. And I’m not going into the future. I am staying here in the present moment.” You see. You can take back the power you have given her to torture you, and I wish you would. Because to me, it’s unnecessary torture that I’ve witnessed. Go into tongues and get a translation. 

AM: Well I’m hearing that part say,…

Betty: Okay now, when you start hearing that, it’s obviously not Jesus. It is the spirit of darkness. So, obviously you’re listening to a spirit of condemnation. Whether it’s coming from your Perfectionist or whether it’s an actual spirit. I wouldn’t even bother to find out which one it is. All I know is condemnation is not of Christ Jesus. So, I would not follow it there. I’d smack it to the cross with vehemence. And I’d bind and rebuke the spirit of self- condemnation and self-hatred that’s speaking from within my own psychological weaknesses. I feel a lot of the torture you have is unnecessary. You permit it by not closing doors. You have the power to open and close doors. You won’t do it. Where you see, I do it immediately. And I’m living in joy and peace. 

Back when I was down and depressed, I was allowing this stupid stuff to happen to me. It does not have to happen. You have the power in your decision to stop it. You’ve got to make up your mind that you’ve had enough of it. You’re not gonna sit there and torture yourself anymore. This is it. Goodbye. If you could only get to that state where you take charge, you would fly. But I don’t know. You just sit there and let yourself be victimized. It’s like, “Why’s she doing that? What’s the kickback from doing it? There must be some kickback that she’s getting, because she keeps allowing it to happen again and again. So, what’s the malicious joy? What’s happening here? This is not like you. Is there a lie that you believe that you’re hopelessly powerless against stopping this? That’d be a pretty damnable lie. You can choose to be tired, or you can choose to go on.

AM: It’s hard, because…

Betty: Okay, so do you see how you take whatever I say, and make it go toward the worse instead of toward the better? Why do you do that? 

AM: “Lord, please bring me peace and strength right now, because I don’t have it…” 

Betty: And help me to close the doors that need to be closed and only keep open the doors that will actually help me. Help me to stop making it worse. Now go into tongues, and get a translation of why you do that. Get your translation for what you’re saying. 

AM: I’m broken…

Betty: Yeah, you do have the strength and you have the knowledge. You have to learn how to pick the weapons God has given you, and use them when needed. It might help you to image yourself as a strong woman instead of as the victimized child. The other part of you is the strong woman. Image that, and with the grace of God, unite with the strength in that part of your being, and take charge. 

Close the doors that need to be closed. Open the doors that need to be open, and move out of this place. I could pray into it for you, but I don’t feel you’re learning the lesson you need to learn. The lesson is God has given you opportunities to learn how to pray for your healing, and get out of places like this. But you’ve got to choose to use that power and not just give it away. You choose to go into hopelessness, “Ain’t it awful.” And that doesn’t help you at all. Forget that choice. It’s not working. I have told you on separate occasions. I’ve learned to go with Scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13)  Keep putting that image, that focus, into that Scripture. It helps pull me out of that “ahhh” place. Make use of the tools beseeching you to get free of this. And then, in turn, once you’re free, you’ll be able to help others get into this freedom. 

Is there any area in your life where you’re stuck? Close the doors and choose to go with a Scripture to counter it.

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