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Betty: Watch that judgment. Slow down on the throwing of judgment. That might be something you need to look at. Because it says in Scripture, “Do not judge.” For years, I looked upon that as being careful about what you do with other people. But now, maybe you’ve come to a point, where “do not judge,” you gotta look at what you’re doing to hurt yourself by not getting that part of you in order. Do not judge AM quickly. Ask the Lord to teach you how to bring your inner judgment on yourself into right order. Because it’s out of order.  Maybe that’s why you created the Perfectionist in an effort to try to shield yourself from your own judgment. You’re trying to prove, at least she’s trying to prove, she’s perfect. But why does she have to keep trying to prove it? Stay in balance. That grace might be helping you to look at that rash, throwing of inner judgments. 

The Lord said, “Judge not, and you shall not be judge.” (Matthew 7:1) So, you might want to take that, and sit before him and say, “Okay, Lord, teach me. How do we use properly the gift we have of judging? Because mine’s out of order. I got the message about being respectful of other people. But with myself, I’m not acting like I have facts, when I only have gut reactions. Teach me how to be respectful of who you see me to be, to really listen to who I am in your sight, and not to be so fast to listen to the summations of my judgments in my Perfectionist. Help me to listen to you. If I move so fast, I’m really not turning to you with a humble, contrite heart. I’m sitting in the judgment seat. Perhaps you haven’t asked me to sit there. What part of me has put me in that judgment seat?” The Perfectionist no doubt. “But Lord, if she’s not legally a judge, appointed by you, then I have to let you appoint the judge created after your own heart.” 

That’s the judge you want to listen to. The Lord wants you looking at your Perfectionist here. “What is sanctity?”  It’s the perfection of  love.” And who is the perfection of love? God Himself. God is love. So, sanctity is really yielding to God moment to moment seeking the good of God, self and others. That’s truly what it means to be holy.

That’s what life is all about, Alfie. Remember that song, “What’s it all about Alfie?”  Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. And in these areas where you’re not seeking your own true good, thank God for any means of grace He gives you to pull you back from areas where you’re flipping over into one side or the other. Because I think, until we draw our last breath, we are going to be always, in a sense, needing to try to keep a balance there. 

Are you sitting in judgment on yourself? Pray, “Lord, teach me how to be respectful of who you see me to be, to really listen to who I am in your sight, and not to be so fast to listen to the summations of my judgments in my Perfectionist.”

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