Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Betty: It’s not God’s fault that weren’t not healed. It’s just that we’re not always ready to be healed.

AM: Why wouldn’t we be ready to be healed?

Betty: An obstacle to healing is the avoidance of pain.  To receive healing, it’s not all fun and games. It’s painful, because you have to look at your stuff.  You have to open a door that for a lot of people holds their pain.  But then, some turn their anger at Jesus saying, “Well, why doesn’t He heal me.” Well, it’s because we don’t want to be healed at some part of our being. We really have to pray, “Lord, help me to get all the doors open that you want open.” Maybe that’d be a good prayer for us. “Lord, help us to get all the doors open that you want open, so, we can receive as much healing as you can possibly give us while we’re together.” I don’t believe it’s ever God’s problem if we don’t get healed. It has to do with us, because God is very generous.

Missionaries have said they see so many powerful healings in countries they minister in. When they come back to the US, they wonder why there isn’t more healing. I personally believe it’s because people with simple faith believe what you tell them, namely that Jesus can heal. That, in turn, opens them to allow themselves to be healed. Whereas, we sophisticated people, tend to go into, “Oh, if only Jesus could heal me.” Well, he can. The problem is not with Jesus. It’s with us and our willingness to let ourselves be healed. Jesus said in Mark 5:34, “You faith has healed you.” Jesus is saying the woman opened to believe, and thus He could heal. 

If we open the door, God will heal us.  People have told me that when Jesus walked the earth, it’s said He healed all who called on Him. They say, “How come He’s not doing that anymore?” I say, In my opinion, it’s not because He is not ready to do it. It’s because we don’t have enough faith to let Him.  We have to believe Jesus heals. 

Pray and ask God if you have any doors closed preventing you from healing?

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