Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

AM: There are tough times ahead. I feel it’s depressing.

Betty: Excuse me. What verb did you use? “I feel.” You deeply let your feelings take over your life. See, the difference between you and I, is I say to myself, “Stop it Betty. We don’t have time for you to fall at the feet of your feelings and idolize them.” You gotta live a life of faith. Do you believe or don’t you? It comes down to that, but we have to face facts. 

AM: I believe it, but I’m discouraged. 

Betty: Tell me. What will all your anger at this achieve that will help us in this battle? Whenever you find yourself letting your energy be harnessed for something that’s going to paralyze you and render you ineffective in the spiritual battle, that’s when you have to say, “Stop it.” And then go the other way.

Take a look at your life to see whether you are living a life of faith or falling at the feet of your feelings. Then make the decision to go the way of faith.

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