Photo by Philip Justin Mamelic on Pexels.com

I wrote this at a time I was struggling with the doors that were being closed in a person I care about’s life. My Aunt Betty shares her wisdom below:

Betty: I look at this stuff happening to X. I see God in there forming the man he’s called to be. We’ve got to encourage him that way. It’s like, “Okay, X, I know it’s rough. But, we have to trust that God is bringing His good out of this, helping you learn to handle who you’re going to be.” If X doesn’t get all he hoped for, that could all be a part of God answering our prayers protecting him. This whole thing could have to do with his formation and his determination. So, if things happen, and he doesn’t make it next year, then is God saying that this is not the place for him as of this point? It could be. But that’s what we prayed for, namely that God would give him guidance that way. 
So, I have to kick myself and say, “Well, wait a minute Betty. Weren’t you praying for his protection? And you were asking God to guide him in whether or not to stay at the academy.”  Because we don’t always know. That’s what’s hard on us. We want God to explain. I got a crazy image, like God has to come to us and ask permission. Duh! We’re supposed to have the faith to trust God to do what is best for X. That same faith is supposed to look at the happenings in his life and say, “Oh, God is in this.” See, we expect one door to open, and instead the Lord lets it bang closed. When that door bangs closed in X’s life, it’s like, “Oh, okay. Lord, you know something we don’t know. Something’s happening here.” If you apply your faith life, instead of your doubter, you’re going to know more joy. Because you’re going to know that God is seeking X’s good.“ I believe God is seeking his good and he’s closing this door. Can you say, ” Lord, help me to accept your plan for X. I’m disappointed, because I had these visions of what it was supposed to look like.” You’re being called to die to your own way of controlling X’s life. Instead you have to do it God’s way.

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