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AM: It’s sad, but I feel like my faith isn’t strong. That’s frustrating when I’ve been working with you for 30 years. My faith should be a lot stronger.

Betty: See, but when you go into that place, just right there, take a look at that. You could say, “During all this time we’ve been working together, Jesus has really set me free from a lot of things. But I haven’t been able to get free of that yet.” But instead, you go into discouragement. Don’t you see the difference between living your hope and having it in your head? That’s what I’m trying to teach you. How do you live your faith? How do you live your hope? No fair storing it. Get your faith out. Knock off the dust, and put it on, and wear it. Remember that crazy little song, “We walk by faith?” There’s a lot of truth there. Whether you store your faith or decide to walk and live it, makes a big difference. 

AM: Yeah, and I want to walk in it. 

Betty: Then, what you do, when you see you’re not, you come back up the stairs out of Satan’s dungeon. Then bang the door closed. On the opposite side is two doors: faith and hope. Why don’t you open both? You bang the door closed to doubt and despair and all the stuff that is in Satan’s departments. You close those off. And turn around and look at the doors of faith, and open them. We make choices. Unfortunately, just like that moment there, some of the choices are unconscious. You made a choice to go down the stairs, whereas I made a choice to go up the stairs. 

These are bad habits. It’s time to give them up. And these times of trial, like the Lord’s putting us through, are precisely for that reason. They are to help us give up some of these bad choices we’ve been making. 

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