Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Betty: Are we here to spread love or to spread condemnation? Can’t you see what the enemy has pulled?  He’s pulled a really sick distortion of Christianity that we have bought. Because Jesus did not come to spread condemnation. He came with a message of love and forgiveness. So, pray into that with regard to anybody in your family that has drunk of that line. 

When we judge others, it enforces the law,”That which we condemn another for, will be visited on us.” (Matthew 7:1-2) That which we condemn another for, the Lord is forced to allow it to come to us according to Scripture. It’s not something the Lord wants. But, it’s a law that happens automatically when we throw negative judgment. It releases upon us the very thing we’re throwing. So, it is very sick. 

Okay, now take that insight, and lift it in prayer. I taught you how to pray, and it’s very powerful. But you gotta be doing it yourself. Because, when I’m gone, you’re gonna have to learn to pray this way. So, it’s time to remember. Image yourself as an adult with Jesus going down these deep stairs into your unconscious. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal wherever in the generations we believed that lie… 

Do you need to let go of any judgments? It’s a terrifying thought to think that if we don’t stop, the very judgment we placed will be visited upon us. That’s a good motivation to be merciful.

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