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This is a continuation of a spiritual direction session with my Aunt Betty where she was working with me to stay in acceptance of an injury I had. She said by my refusing to accept it, I was blocking the healing.

Go back to what I was saying before. X wants to rewrite history according to what his truth tells him. Y said whenever they talk about the narrative, you know we’re in trouble. Because to them, the use of the word narrative means it is not objective truth, because they can’t handle it.  But you are there too, because that part of you wants to rewrite the narrative. “If only” is an attempt to rewrite the narrative. So, it’s not just out there with X and those who deny the truth of objective truth. We got people in the Christian church who want to rewrite truth. They have their narratives. 

Jesus is truth. Anything that is not objective truth, namely Jesus, doesn’t exist. That’s where the lack of objectivity is. We have our false narratives that we’re shoving. They’re useless and causing problems. 

Can you say, “Lord Jesus, I need to first accept the truth that this injury happened.  If You’ve permitted it to happen, then that means you can bring good out of it. So, Lord, help me to accept the fact that it happened and help me to let you bring it to the good.” Think about that. Because when you play “if only,” you’re actually stopping the good from happening. I hadn’t thought of it, but you are. Because when you play that narrative, you’re denying that it’s objective, that it really happened. 

You’ve got your own, “If only he had done this. If only he had done that. If only I had done this. If only I had done that.” So, you got the whole narrative rewritten with a bunch of baloney sausage. It’s not gonna bring about your healing. I never thought about it this way before. I can see where we can talk ourselves into royal messes, which you have. Now you got yourself ticked off and angry at God, because God hasn’t healed you. It’s like, “Honey, you’re in no condition of being healed, because you never really accepted the objective truth. It doesn’t exist. You’ve got your own narrative written. 

Jesus is saying, “I’m truth. I’m not going to accept your narrative. I’m Eternal truth. I cannot take a lie into myself.” So, you’re in no condition to be healed. You never really accepted what happened in the first place. You have to accept the objective truth. So, what is the objective truth here without all the narratives? First, I’m hearing,  “Put the narratives over by the cross, would you?” The Lord is standing there. He doesn’t want to step into deceit. So, He’s standing over at a distance saying, “Tell her to drop those narratives over at the cross, because I’m Eternal Truth. I’m not going to have any part of those.” Go into tongues. Because you need the Holy Spirit’s help here to be honest. . 

Are you going into the “what if” and “if only” in any area of your life? Can you choose to accept what is and then bring it to Jesus for healing?

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