person holding babys hand
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

In a spiritual direction session, my Aunt Betty said the following. 

I think those of us trying to live in the Divine Will are actually experiencing more peace amidst the chaos. That is part because we are aware that God is in all of this and only seeks our good. That is a safety measure, that conviction that God can only seek your good. So, if God’s in it, it can be turned toward good. We have that conviction running inside us. 

I’m aware that other people don’t have that conviction. I’m wondering how they do with Mark Mallet and Daniel O’ Connell’s stuff, because those two are pretty upfront. People are not going to be able to continue to avoid what’s ahead. But you hope that they will gradually get stronger and come out of hiding from reality.  Because sooner or later, reality has to be faced. All of us are going to have to face it. “Lord, St. Paul said, ‘If you are with us, who can be against us.’ So Lord, help us to stand strong, in faith believing, that if you’re with us, we need not fear. You did not ask us to face this alone. But you’re there with us. Help us to recognize your presence in our midst.” 

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