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AM: Churches and schools are shut down again. It’s just one thing after another.

Betty: Yeah, and that is a very ugly feeling. But, in a sense, it is also a motivator. Because if you give into hatred and despair, the net result is you’ll be in Hell, which is all hatred and despair. So, you have no choice, frankly, do you?  The only thing you can do is cry out to the Lord, “Lord, have mercy.” Get out there and walk and swim to try to get rid some of this energy that’s aggravating you.

As you go through this, you can turn it around, and offer it to God, in homage and gratitude, that things aren’t worse than they are. This is just the beginning.  That is why the saints always counseled, “Live one day at a time.” When you catch Satan trying to get you to look at the future and what are you going to do, you just literally tell yourself, “Stop that.” Because if you follow that temptation, you’re just making your life more miserable. And the Lord knows it can be miserable enough without us trying to design new ways to make it work.  

AM: I’m trying to find joy in these times. 

Betty: You know what I hope you learn to find your joy in is in actually having something to give to Jesus. That’s what the saints found their joy in. I don’t agree with this, but some would come up and say, “Oh Lord, give me more suffering.”  I’m like, “What?!” But the reason is they actually found joy in being able to offer things to the Lord in reparation for the cruel things people were doing to each other. Jesus is suffering, because of what we’re doing. The saints found their joy in suffering in order to unite with Christ and, as it were, make it easier on Him. Luisa does that too. She complains, because Jesus has taken her suffering away. And I can see you and I saying, “Yippee! Take the suffering away.” But she’s complaining, because she wants to suffer more. You could ask God to give you that gift to actually have a deep thirst and hunger to be one with Him, so that these things that you’re suffering anyhow, become part of your meriting in which you can help this crazy human condition we’re in. Because that way you can be helping, let’s say the salvation of your family, and things like that. Yeah, we really need to pray, because the world is crummy and the kids get fooled. In other words, to me, to give Satan joy isn’t something I am at all interested in. To give the Lord joy, “Yes, I’m interested in that.” He knows what you’re going through. If He did not believe you could handle it, you’d never be in this condition. You must be much, much stronger than you have any idea you are. 

AM: I can do it. It’s just the depression I’m feeling is hard. 

Betty: Look, you have the Lord. He will always be with you.  You got to put your focus there. You got to get to know Him better. You’re growing. But you can’t stop just because the road seems hard ahead.  Find ways yourself to really focus on, “How can I make the most of what God knows is best and of what is happening in my life?” See I think that’s part of the joy you see in me. If God is allowing this to happen, then I figure it’s the best thing that can happen. And I work for ways to work with that. Do the same. Otherwise, if you fight against the will of God, you’ll be miserable. So, why do it? 

It’s partly because Satan wants people to fight against God’s will and be miserable. Yes, that’s why people do it. They fall for his tricks, which is to torture you. I don’t want to see you be unnecessarily tortured. It’s bad enough to endure through these traps. But at least you get something for it. In the end, you wind up turning out to be the woman God created you to be, because who you are was created in the light of what is going on. God’s infinite mind is always ahead. It’s always in the now. He knows the whole of it. So, that’s to our advantage. 

Whereas, Satan doesn’t have complete future knowledge. So, he has to keep trying to get God out. With God, we’re on the best side. But make use of God’s goodness by staying in His will. It’s really Hell outside of God’s will frankly. You might want to offer up some of your suffering up for those who don’t know the Lord. So, if you could, say to yourself, “Get ahold of yourself. There’s people out there that really need your help.” 

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