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AM: I want to be in God’s will, but then I complain, especially during these times. 

Betty: Ya, but you can recognize that deficiency in you. And you can give it to the Lord and decide that, “Okay, I have this deficiency. Lord in your great mercy, I need a miracle.” In other words, just because you discover it, it doesn’t mean you sit back and keep acting it out, but you call on the Lord for miracles. And that’s really what the Lord wants is for you to gradually get cleaned up.   

AM:  I just process my feelings that way.

Betty: I’m sure God’s in the process of cleansing you, but you’re not known for your patience either. You always want it like yesterday.  

AM: Sometimes I feel like I’m not making it very far. 

Betty: You know, why do I feel like deep down you know better? But because your feelings are strong today, you’re ignoring what you know. Is that true? 

AM: I think I just need a little bit of affirmation and support, because I feel like I’ve been getting smacked around. 

Betty:  So, can you just image the Lord’s light coming into you? Maybe you just need to be upbuilt with the Lord’s light. Let’s pray in tongues. What encourages me is that there is this part of you that does understand that you’re being fed a pack of lies. You have this part that feels like you’re a victim, because you’ve been victimized by X. And you don’t have the energy to fight against what’s coming in. And yet, I look at that and say, “Is the Lord trying to get you ready, trying to help you grow stronger? You got to allow Him to bring about that change in you. You can’t just choose to be the victim and go back to, “That’s the way I am.” It’s like, “No, the time is here when you have to say, “Okay Lord, there is this part of me that wants to just give in, but I ask for Your strength now to come into me and help  me overcome this kind of apathy or lukewarmness that would say, “Well, l just give in. It’s easier. Because Mark Mallet and other prophetic people are saying the Lord is trying to get us ready.

AM: I’d like to be one of the ones who is taken up and not those left behind to suffer persecution.

Betty: See, you’ve got to watch that part of you. Because you’ve got to develop this obedience to the Lord, not to plot to get out of suffering. Your life is to be ruled “Not my will, but Thine be done.” That’s what we’re aiming for. So, watch the dark side that’s busy figuring ways to make life easier  Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. I understand the part of you that wants comfort, because we all do. But it’s like, when it’s comfort versus principle, then principle has to win out. I think that’s part of what the Lord wants to get us ready for, to be able to stand up for principle. Don’t you think?

Is there any area in your life where you need to say, “Not my will, but Thine be done?”

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