shallow focus photography of brown snake in green jar
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

With the judgments you have on each other, I don’t think you really realize what you’re doing. Satan is the one who gains when we’re judging each other. He’s the one that gets the glory. Help us Lord so that the enemy cannot pull his junk and so we don’t fall into his trap as readily. Help us begin to get insight into the role of darkness that ridicule and mockery have brought to us, that we begin to really turn away and not be a part of that kind of stuff. Release all the traps that are holding our family captive. Continue to reveal more and more. Yeah, I am hearing the Scripture, “I thank God that I am not like the rest of men.” That is the sophisticated arrogance that’s built on the deceit of Satan. That is part of where I kept saying to you, “I want you to investigate who in you was opening the door? That’s really going to be an important part of your freedom. So, you become mindful where the traitor in you works. Because then that throws your whole focus into the wrong direction. So, that would be a key release for freedom to discover who’s that door opener? So, when you go to prayer, keep going into tongues and crying out to the Lord for mercy to discover where the traitor lives, how it gets the door open, and so on. It would be like if at West Point, they had a problem with the enemy getting in. The army would go all out to find where the break in their defense was, so that the enemy could not walk its way in. That’s part of army technique. It’s the same thing with you. You have to find the breaks in your defense and renounce them.



  1. Your writings are such a gift to anyone who is searching to be closer to Christ and more faithful. I can’t even express how thankful to God I am for Annemarie,Aunt Betty and your work. Thank you may God bless you both with more teachings to share❤️

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