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The below excerpt is from a session I had with my Aunt Betty right after the Coronavirus pandemic began. Her words are in red.

If you suspect you’re going into anxiety, check your breath. If your breath is short, deliberately take a deep breath focused on Jesus, and maybe say, “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You.” Breathe that in and breathe out fear. When we go into anxiety, one of the first things our body does, is shorten our breath. I heard an expert on tv say, “The worst thing people can do is go into anxiety, because when the body is anxious, it releases a certain chemical that is not helpful to the immune system. The normal function of fear is to release chemicals for you to run and fight, not so much to fight off disease, but fight the enemy outside you. So, the body is set up for trust. Of course, it’s set up for trust, because God made it. When we insist on being anxious, then our bodies do not have the normal, healthy immune system that God intended them to have. It’s so hard, because people want to do without God. Eve’s temptation was that she wouldn’t have to be dependent on God anymore. And when these hard things happen, people’s having let God completely out of their lives begins to show the effects. It’s a good time to get to know Jesus. He’s presented us with an opportunity that when we were busy, we didn’t take it. Well now, that excuse is gone. Why don’t we get to know Jesus more and spend time with Him? Pray to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you. Ask Him to guide you to give you help. This pandemic is forcing families that haven’t been together to be together. Somebody said, “Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of family fights.” Well it’s true. People run away from each other by disappearing. They will have to face each other. So, I see the hand of God working in this trying to bring His people back to their senses. It’s time people learned. Sports are used as a distraction for a lot of people. They don’t have time for prayer, because they have so many sports to watch.

AM: Yesterday I got anxious. It was really disappointing that I let myself go there.

Betty: Well, did you go in and check with the little girl whose doing it? Anxiety is very much out of the unbeliever. The believer in us does not have anxiety. So, when you get anxious, you’re in your unbeliever. If you had faith, you would never be anxious. So, when you’re anxious, you always know it’s the inner child. You know, the adult needs to take charge of the inner child, whenever she’s taking you out of control. So, don’t ever say to me anymore, “I don’t know why I’m anxious.” Just remember that principle, okay? That’s a good principle to teach people. That’s why working with subpersonalities is so helpful, because it helps people understand themselves more. The part of us that is immature, overly dependent, tends to exaggerate. Just think of a child under 5, and you get a picture of the inner child. So, the part of us that operates like that needs the adult part and the adult part is the woman of faith. The child is when you start letting the passions takeover. If you remember certain principles, what’s happening? The child is dominating. So, you’ve got to get in contact with the part of you that lives on principle, that has character. You’ve got to get the part of you, your integrity, the woman God called you to be, that part, to call on Jesus. How do we do it when we pray? Image Jesus with you. It is the fastest way of recognizing you’re in the presence of the Lord. And He’s there, so no reason to be afraid. Nothing’s impossible with God.

Is there an unbeliever in you? Can you image yourself in the presence of God and let go of the fear?

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