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Photo by Papa Yaw on Pexels.com

My Aunt Betty would like me to “Praise God Anyhow” in whatever happens to me this Lent. The idea came because I have a hard time when things don’t go as I’d like. The temptation is to go into feeling down, rather than into accepting God’s will for me in the moment. Below are my Aunt Betty’s words in red.

Whatever happens in life, praise God anyhow. Regardless of what happens, praise God anyhow. I heard this minister say that once he made up his mind to treat life that way, and it changed his life. That’s the way Rachel’s treating the loss in her playoff soccer game. It’s like, “Okay, that’s what happened, so I guess God knew it was best for us.” That attitude is really, really honoring to God. Whenever the thought comes up, “Rachel is not going to be playing in the championship game,” just go into tongues and praise the Lord every time that thought comes.

See what you are doing is you’re denying Satan. He is trying to get in there and get himself glory with your resentment and anger and stuff. Every time Satan tries to get you into envy and jealousy and the whole bit, you turn it into praising God. Sooner or later, Satan’s gonna stop it, because he doesn’t want all this good stuff to keep happening for God. When I was teaching people to do this, they would get out of these stuck places, because it was no longer fun for Satan to keep them there. Whereas, if you go into resentment and feeling bad, Satan’s gonna encourage it, because he keeps getting kicks out of your rebellion against God. So, really, you might want to meditate on the value of “Praise God anyhow” in your life and make sure good gets into your life

Is there any area where you’re rebelling against what God has allowed to happen in your life? Can you “Praise God Anyhow?”


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