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God has been teaching me to let go of my plans despite how good they may be. I’ve been pulled in many directions of late finding little time to write. I need to remember that “That which He wills me to do, He Himself will do.”  I just need to be obedient to Him in the moment and trust that everything that happens is towards my greater good.  When disappointed, it helps to say, “What is is and what ain’t ain’t,”  and then move on. He is more interested in our becoming who He has called us to be than for us to live without adversity

In the book, Uniformity with God’s Will, by St. Alphonsus, I was struck by what St. Alphonsus said.  “We call adversities evil; actually ,they are good and meritorious, when we receive them as coming from God’s hands.” Instead of getting angry with a person or situation, it’s liberating to ask God to show us what He’s teaching us through them. “Lord, show me the good You want to bring out of this.” 

St Alphonsus cites an example of a monk who had attained such a high level of sanctity that others were healed just by touching his garments.  His superior asked him to explain the cause of these miracles.  The monk said that he was also mystified as to the reason.  The abbot asked what devotions he practiced.  The monk said “there was little or nothing special that he did beyond making a great deal of willing only what God willed, and that God had given him the grace of abandoning his will totally to the will of God.“  “Prosperity does not lift me up, nor adversity cast me down.  I direct all my prayers to the end that God’s will may be done fully in me and by me.”

The abbot asked him about the raid where their enemies had plundered their monastery and set a fire.  He asked the monk whether this had caused him resentment. “No, Father,” came the reply.  “On the contrary, I returned thanks to God—as is my custom in such circumstances—fully persuaded that God does all things, or permits all that happens for his glory and for our greater good; thus I am always at peace, no matter what happens.”The abbot no longer wondered why the monk worked so many miracles.   It was his uniformity with the Divine Will.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!  (Isaiah 26:3)





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  1. I just forwarded this to 2 of my non-Catholic Christian friends. This is super helpful in understanding the emptying of oneself in order to receive Christ

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