adult athlete cramps field
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I wrote this years ago. I can’t remember what my Aunt Betty and I were discussing, but I’ve written her words in red below:

It can be hard for us to accept the mercy of God.  It’s hard on our pride.  It’s easier if we could be perfect.  We’re just creatures.   Adam and Eve messed up, but God didn’t reject them.  Do we expect our children to be perfect? Are we superior to God?  Sometimes we’re not willing to admit how much we need God in our lives. Humans were designed to learn from trial and error.  If God designed you to learn through trial and error, then what right do you have to demand to be perfect?  Who told you that you were to do everything perfectly?  It’s God’s perfection that we are to be perfect in, not ours. 

Even if your fears come true, God can save your children.  Cling to that truth.  We can’t stop what our children need to go through to become the men and women they were meant to be.   If they were all perfect, we’d be in danger of pride.  The plan the Lord has for our life is always so different than ours. The perfectionist feels she has to save everyone, and she can’t let go. As long as we are trying to be the other person’s savior, it gets in the way of Jesus doing His saving work.  We need to tell God we’re sorry if we’ve stood in the way of the person receiving healing.

Fr. Jerry Bevilacqua used to tell those in his healing ministry, “He who gets the glory gets the burden.” That was a good reminder for us not to take credit for any healing that had occurred.  I’ve made the mistake of going into the “pseudo savior” by over identifying with someone’s pain. It’s resulted in me carrying a burden far too heavy for me to bear. It doesn’t do me or the other person any good. I’m learning to turn the person over to God, and let Him do the healing.                                   

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