Below is an email I received from my aunt, Sr. Betty Igo. It was in regards to me saying I didn’t want to listen to a talk by a priest who was sharing about the sufferings Christians would undergo.
Oh, that you may no longer worship at the altar of fear, but instead learn to believe and trust in Jesus’ love for you. This is my prayer for you, Annemarie. Either you believe in God’s love (He is always seeking your highest good, isn’t He?) and trust Him or you don’t.  It is time for you to get off the fence. Cry out for courage. Be obedient and alert as to where you focus within yourself. That is why I keep saying to you, “Please keep your focus on Jesus!”
Fear is Satan’s Kingdom. Faith, Hope and Love embraces us into the Kingdom of Heaven. Which one are you focused into???
Oh, it distresses me to realize how much your choices to follow your feelings are used to torture yourself. Where you place your inner focus is  your choice.
Christianity is not a feeling. It is a series of faithful decisions based on faith. Father John was calling us to realize that our interest in the Divine Will needed to grow to realize that we are being called to follow Jesus into His death in whatever way God knows will help us unite with His Will.
Please pray over what I have written above and pray for the increasing grace to live a life of courage. Make a firm decision to live your Faith by placing healthy boundaries on “your inner child” (our favorite name for your feelings).

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