Below is a prayer my Aunt Betty told me to pray daily. She prays for my whole extended family every day. She’s taught me that we are in a spiritual battle and that it’s very important to cover those we love in prayer. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”(1 Peter 5:8)

In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His Blood, I take authority and bind all evil powers, principalities and forces in the air, the ground, water, underground, netherworld, nature and fire. I bind their strengths, assignments, attributes and aspects, and all that gives them permission and power to attack me, my loved ones, those I minister to, those I minister with, those who support us in ministry and anything we use or own.

In Jesus’ name we break any curses, hexes, or spells sent against us and declare them null and void. We break the assignments of any evil spirits sent against us and send them to Jesus to deal with them, as He will. We bind all interaction and communication in the world of evil spirits as it affects us and our prayers.

Lord Jesus, please have your warriors strip the witches to seek to harass us of their psychic, demonic and occult powers. Also strip them of magic charms, veils, psychic vision and powers of divination. Please have their powers and devices destroyed and cast into the abyss. If there are any trafficking people around any of us please send a special assignment of warring angels to remove them. I cancel their astral assignments over our lives and break those trafficking powers right now by the power of the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. For their sake, please send them back into their own bodies to be sealed there with your holy blood, Lord Jesus.

If there are any demonic rituals being performed against us, I ask that those rituals turn upon those performing them in such a way as to discourage the performers from the desire to perform them. Please show them how they are being deceived by Satan. I ask that You bring all of those coming against us before your throne and bless them with the revelation of who you are and your love and plans of salvation for them.

Mother Mary, we ask that you put us and all we pray for under the protection of your holy mantle. St. Michael and all the warring angels come and defend us in the battle against the evil one. Protect all whom minister in your name, all we love and feel responsible for from the snares and wiles of the Evil One regardless of whatever form he may chose to attack us. Heal us in any way the open doors of our own personal, community or generational woundedness may make any of us more vulnerable to the Enemy’s attack.

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