Below in red are Betty’s words to me during a time I was anxious:

When you go into anxiety, a part of you is caught.  You’ve forgotten that God is there and that He can turn all things to good.  Turn and breathe in the presence of God.  Focus on God’s presence.  Refuse to go into the games of “what ifs” and “if onlys.”  Each choice that you make not to go down into anxiety is an act of love because it is an act of faith.  “Lord, I believe you’re seeking my good.  I cease to accept that you’re not there and thus not go into the trap of Satan.” 

Make a choice.  It’ll benefit you for life and you will be showing others how to trust God and then He is free to work through your life.   You won’t be exuding anxiety. It’s a choice.  Is God real?  Can He make a difference?  If you go down the other road of anxiety and doubt, it makes Satan stronger.  Then you become more vulnerable to letting him attack you.  When your breath starts to change, it’s an indicator of anxiety.  Take your breath and pull it  in, and hold it to give your body the message that you are in charge.  Let your breath out slowly.  It takes discipline.  As you work on your breath, you move towards faith, instead of anxiety.  Doing physical exercises like getting on the trampoline can be helpful in getting anxiety out. 

The saints made the right choices.  They didn’t waste time with anxiety.  They talked to God about it.  Be on guard for the part of you that wants to be God when it runs up against obstacles.  Your focus is on the power of God.  It is about growing in faith.  You need to get so centered that your life is focused on the truth and not feelings.  If it were not for your good, God wouldn’t have permitted it.    When hard things happen, God is honored when we trust Him.   “What are you teaching me here, Lord?  A lot of times when we learn our lesson, God makes a change. 

Pray protection against any dark forces coming against you.  The saints tell us that if we stay focused on Jesus, we can retain our peace even though others are doing things that would normally upset our peace.  In the spiritual life, fire is the symbol of being lifted out of our weakness and being transformed. 

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