I was going through emails from my Aunt Betty from years ago and found this one.  At the time, I was beating myself up for a decision I made that didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.  More recently, I didn’t pay attention to a water leak in my kitchen and it damaged the wood floors and cabinets.  Every time I go into the kitchen, I’m reminded of it, but this time I’m not beating myself up.  Below is an email my Aunt Betty sent me:

I do hope you were able to focus into the truths of Jesus instead of the lies Satan feeds you.  It may help to do some exercises to get the anger out of your body.  It could help you by letting go of the anger you apparently have stored against yourself.   It’s like you prefer to focus into pain instead of focusing on Eternal Truths like God’s love and mercy.  Knowing you that doesn’t make much sense unless your unforgiveness toward self drives you to get even with yourself.  That must sadden Jesus who loves you so much! 

Please Lord!  She needs a miracle to accept and forgive herself for simply being human and making mistakes like the rest of we poor humans!  Take the lie deep within her that says she is not allowed to be a poor fallible human.

Animals learn by instinct and people learn through trial and error.  God made humans to learn that way so the perfectionist needs to get used to it.  The Perfectionist is forever in rebellion to God so we can’t let that part be our guide.  The more we accept who we are and let God love us where we are, the faster things will move.  Cooperate with the Lord and things will go faster.  The part of us that tries to evade truth will have a harder time evading it; often it comes up in dreams so it’s good to take note of what your dreams are telling you. 

Open our eyes and heart, Lord Jesus, to see your signs of love everywhere in our lives, even in those difficult times…And also remind us that when we see the touches of your love, no matter how small, we should share it with others so that they may see in their own lives that you, my God are always with us.

Seek me and you shall find me… Jer.29: 13.  Call to me and I will answer you and tell you things great beyond reach of your imagination. Jer. 33:3


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