I decided to go back and save all the emails I’ve received from my Aunt Betty through the years. She’s such a wealth of wisdom. I came across this one from a long time ago and thought I’d share it in the event it might be helpful. She suggested I pray in tongues or if you prefer, you can journal to get your feelings out, talk with God, or do whatever else works. Here’s what she wrote:

 “Let’s pray this through tomorrow, but in the meanwhile hand your discovery of this part of you over to Jesus, and relax in the humility of getting to know that part of your shadow which we all have which is “Pride”. 

I know little Miss Perfect never wants to be known as “Pride” but we all have Pride and the sooner we own it the better. It’s humbling and that is a good thing, as we can never, ever be humble enough in the presence of the good God…

Put your little girl in Jesus’ arms and listen to Father Robert Young to focus on what is really important.  Let the crud, like smoke, go to the Cross…we’re praying to get it up, aren’t we?

Spend some quality time, imaging Jesus’ light and love flowing into you, so you can relax.  When we get uptight, I think that tension produces pain into itself…”

Hand it over to the Lord – you need to become an expert in relaxation prayer and forgiveness of self.

 Meanwhile get away, and ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse you of that anger as you pray in tongues-but don’t scare the kids.

Just send those feelings to His cross, and let the Lord do a great job through you; you don’t need to share them.


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