I created this blog in order to help others on their spiritual journey towards living in the truth and in becoming who they were called to be.  I’ve been blessed to work with my aunt, Sr. Betty Igo, for over 25 years.  We talk and pray for 2-3 hours every week. Most of these excerpts have come from those sessions.  It is my hope that they will help others seeking direction.  In particular, I hope to help those who struggle with depression.  I carried that cross for many years, but through this work and God’s grace, I have been set free.  On my birthday a few years ago, Fr. Rich Pagano was praying with me, and he said that he got an image of a prison cell with its doors broken open and the hinges removed.  He said, “Be at peace, and be far from this place of imprisonment.  It’s no longer your place of being.”  It’s my hope that I can share what I’ve learned on my Journey to Greater Freedom.


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