AM: I just want to go into the “I don’t care” place with them. 

Betty: Ya, but every time you go into the place of “I don’t care,” it’s a lie. And it registers inside of me, “You’re lying.” Stay in the truth, and ask God to help you. Because you do care. You care very deeply. That’s why you’re upset. So, watch accepting anything from Satan. Because that will not lead to healing. Keep that in mind when you’re working with people. When they go into a place that is lacking in truth, you know that’s not gonna help them. Because that’s Satan’s territory. That’s why I keep calling you on it, because it’s a lie. So, don’t interrupt your prayer to lie. Because I know it’s not helping you. Lies do not heal. Truth heals. Keep that in mind as a principle. Truth is healing. Lies are destructive. So when a client starts lying to themselves, you realize this is not healing. So, you say, “Excuse me, but I need to interrupt it.” 

AM:  “So Lord, I give you my heart and this part that doesn’t want to care about…” 

Betty: What are you really saying when you say, “I don’t care?” Keep saying it, until you get what’s under your gut. 

AM: I have the attitude “I give up on you.” It’s like how it was with Y and Z when they were being really rude to me. I went into, “I don’t care.” 

Betty: Ya, but don’t lie to yourself. You do care. So, say it over and over, “I do care.” 

AM: It’s easier not to care, because then it doesn’t affect you. 

Betty: Speak the truth. “I do you care.” Say it out loud. 

AM: “I do care.” 

Betty: Okay, feel it. Say it again. Keep saying it until you get the feelings up– over and over. Come on. Let’s go. 

AM: “I do care…” 

Betty: Cling to the truth. Keep going. Feel it. Take the ice off your heart. Come on. Let it melt. 

AM: I’m just so angry. 

Betty: Okay, let the ice melt. Come on.  Emphasize the “do.” Feel it. You keep throwing it up in the brain to stay away from it. You don’t want it to get near your heart.   Feel the pain. Let the pain go to the cross. You’re coming out of lies. You’ve got layers of lies. Come on. 

AM: “I do care…” 

Betty: Keep speaking the truth. Can you say, “Aunt Betty, I do care.” Come on, you’re trying to stand in truth, but a part of you is fighting me. It has accepted Satan’s lie which is, “You’re better off not to care. Just let them go. You could care less what happens to them. Just let them go. Let them be. They’re not worth. Blah, blah, blah.” Okay, that’s all Satan’s crap. No. Satan’s crap does not lead to healing. So, give up on it. You care very much. You care for them. You love them. And it hurts when they treat you with disrespect. If they need to get even with you, then let them speak it out and say, “I need to get even with you.” So, you can say to them, “Okay, about what?” They need to conscious their crap and not just throw it around. 

AM:  When I feel pain, then that’s when I want to cut. 

Betty: You want to go into lies. Lies make you feel better. That’s what Satan tells you. It isn’t true though. But you fell for it. Go into tongues and see if that helps you get in contact with your feelings. What you’re trying to do is shut down and that really feeds depression. “Regardless of what I’ve done for them, it seems like it’s never enough. Somebody else could have done it better in their minds.”  Okay, anything Satan is trying to tell you, throw it to the cross. It’s his usual. I’m used to it. I’ve been around it… same old same old. Now, I see Mary and she has a balm for the heart. But it’s like she wants to massage your heart with this balm. Can you image that and allow Mary to bring your heart back to life. Because there’s a part of you that wants to deaden your heart towards your desire to have that loving relationship with them. You’re just burying or giving up on it. And the “I don’t care” was part of the ice that covered the lie. The lie is straight from Hell. “I don’t care.” It’s not true. You do care. You care very deeply. What I keep hearing in the background is, “Betty, I don’t want to feel this pain. I don’t want to feel this pain. I’m afraid my heart’s gonna break.” Give Mary the fear that your heart is going to break. Despite all the ways you try to love them, whatever happened has left you feeling it’s too late. Hand Mary that feeling, that fear. Give yourself permission to cry. 


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