Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

AM: I want to help people see that it’s a blessing to be born in these times. The saints said they wanted to live in these times.

Betty: What you’re saying is true. What’s holding you back? 

AM: I’ve got to stay in the present moment. I don’t like the script that’s being played out. 

Betty: Okay, that’s what I’m getting. It comes down to willfulness. You’re impatient. God’s not playing the game the way the controller in you would like to advise him to play it. But you’re not God. He is. And this might come as a shock, but as God, He has more wisdom than the rest of us. So, if we don’t appreciate his game, there’s gonna be something wrong with our appraisal of what’s happening, because we have all the information. It’s like Larry said to me yesterday, “We’re sitting at the edge of the Red Sea. We see the chariots and the horses off in the distance bearing down on us. And God said He’s with us. “But there’s the Red Sea. Now, are we supposed to jump in and drown? These horses are getting closer…” So, you get the picture being drawn. Why did God wait till the last moment to open the Red Sea? Well, I think God likes to give us opportunities to grow in faith. 

God has his own agenda. You and I don’t have any right to demand that he drop his and take up ours. Because he’s God, not us. I see you doing the same thing. In some way, you’re aiding your depression with your willfulness. That’s the part you need to repent of. Cry out for the grace to be able to let go of your own will faster, and to accept His. Because your impatience, tells me you’ve got your mind made up that it should be done another way. Sometimes you lack patience for people not doing things the way you’ve figured out they should be done. 

In his talk today, Fr. Iannuzzi discussed the role of the virtuous life and how to prepare to enter into the Divine Will. So, I want you to take time to listen to that talk. Listen to it with the intent of, “What can I learn about the part of myself that I need to pray for the Lord to help me discipline, so, I can yield to the the Divine Will? Because I’m afraid otherwise, you’re gonna stand here and keep arguing with God and miss the chance to go deeper into him. See, you and I have everything to lose if we’re going to wait for God to change to more of what we want. We’re the ones that have to change. Our arrogance sometimes is amusing. 

Ask yourself, “What can I learn about the part of myself that I need to pray and ask the Lord to help me develop discipline, so I can yield to the the Divine Will?

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