Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Betty: A lot of times we do not know our part in how others get hooked into us. So, why don’t you ask the Lord to teach you if there are any open doors to people like the lady at church that are inside of you that need to be healed, so people like her don’t get hooked. See, that’s compassionate. Because if you and I get rid of our hooks, we won’t have as many people get caught. 

AM: It’s the arrogance, because humility would allow people to have their faults. 

Betty: Yeah, that makes sense. The areas where we are not aware of our own arrogance can get caught in the arrogance of others. 

AM: It’s that whole thing of being offended.  

Betty: What the lady at church thought she saw in you, and maybe could have, was the unconscious arrogance. Now, the Lord will, in his own time, need to help her realize it’s also in her. But what I do is I hand that over to the Lord. When I was young and inexperienced, I remember going up to somebody. Now I really meant this well. I told the person what I learned about myself. I talked about how we get hooked. The person got so insulted that I was inferring with this language of the hook that she would have that inside herself. So, she wind up getting madder than ever at me. Well, I didn’t handle it right. 

AM: Instead of taking responsibility for your hook…

Betty: Yeah, consciously. I didn’t go there to lay it on her. 

AM: Of course not. But you didn’t think about someone having such heavy denial. 

Betty: Well, I hadn’t done enough of my own work. So that’s what I learned. You really need to be careful there and make sure you’ve done your own taking responsibility. Because unconsciously, those people will pick it up. Even if you’re not conscious that you still think that, there may be some part of you that’s thinking they have the problem. And they pick up that you’re judging them. 

AM: I think that’s where I get myself in trouble

Betty: Yeah, and when we’re busy being perfect, it’s hard for us to see that we’re really insulting them. Because we’re being perfect. 

AM: I knew it was insulting, but…

Betty: Call it what you want, but they take it as an insult.  Meanwhile, we’re like, “Oh, I can’t understand why they’re so upset with me.” Well, you just insulted me?  The way you do it, there’s more arrogance. 

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