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AM: You say there are no accidents in life, but there are things that go wrong that weren’t part of God’s plan. That’s an accident. 

Betty: No. If you look at the Scriptures, “For those who love God and are called according to His plan, all things work together unto good.” (Romans 8:28)

I don’t hear in that Scripture, whether it’s your choice or God’s choice. It’s simply saying, if you truly believe God is in charge, then even what you might call accidents, in so far as you didn’t plan it, work for our good. I can see from your viewpoint, it looks like an accident, but there are no accidents with God. I look back over my life, and I realize now that God has worked good in things that, in my naivety, I would have called an accident or unfortunate happening, or whatever. But, yet, God was at work in that to get me where He wanted me to be and to do what He wanted to do through me. Perhaps it was for myself, or for someone else, but most often for both of us. So, with God, I don’t think there are really accidents. It’s part of His plan. 

In His plan though, He lets the wheat and the weeds grow together. So, the things that happen to us that aren’t good, you might want to think of as weeds. But He said don’t go out there and try to separate them out. Let them grow together until that time of harvest. So, even the weeds have a purpose in my life. It’s all part of the mysterious Divine plan. There really is a power in allowing the Holy Spirit to bring together these destroying parts of ourselves that are in rebellion or whatever’s going on inside that we don’t even know about. There might be a part of us seeking our will, not His, and we are in kind of a war. It is hidden from our consciousness, but it’s causing this conflict, in which we feel disconnected from Him. We need to let the spirit cry out through us. My desire is that what the Spirit knows I need that the Spirit will pray that.  It’s a way of getting around whatever the enemy would like to do to destroy us. 

AM: So, when you’re not aware of your blind spots, you pray in tongues? 

Betty: Yeah, there may be a part of us that’s in rebellion against something it feels God wants of us.  And, when we start praying in tongues, we are giving the Holy Spirit power to take over, and bring us to a place of more yieldedness to the Lord. Because, we are in spiritual warfare, even when we’re not aware we are. What’s playing in my head right now is that old song “Set my spirit free that I might worship Thee. Set my spirit free…  Let all bondage go and let deliverance flow. Set my spirit to worship Thee.” Think of those words. It was like the Spirit of God crying out from deep within me in that song. In Scripture, Paul spoke about that saying, “The Spirit will cry out from within for that which we do not even recognize we need.”

“So, Lord please continue to set our spirits free to get on the path that You are calling us to be on. We want to find our way ever closer to You and Your love. We love you with Your will. We want to worship and adore you and serve you with Your will. Lord, we realize that that which is good that is being done within and through us, is really being done with your spirit.” 

We get all caught up and think it’s us. But, anything which is truly of eternal meriting is from God. That’s good, because then the enemy can’t get his hands on it, because it’s the Lord’s work anyhow. The enemy would like us to take our good works and say, “Oh look at this great work I’m doing.” If it really has eternal meriting, it’s God doing it within us. Scripture says we are unprofitable servants. Yeah, because it’s God’s mercy, that does the good stuff through us. And God gets His glory when we recognize that and honor Him with the recognition. The real power of healing is not necessarily the amount of preparation. But, in the preparation, you prepare your heart to be open to what God wants to do with the person in the time that you’re with them. You hold that person up to the Lord, praying for the ability to get out of yourself and what you want to see done, to let the Lord do what He knows that person needs. That’s where that power of prayer gets released. And God can work through you to fulfill whatever the need is that God knows they need. 


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