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I ran across something I wrote from a spiritual direction with my Aunt Betty 4 years ago. Thank goodness God is giving me more peace in certain areas. With my eldest son, Nathan, deployed somewhere in Special Forces, I need to trust that he is in God’s care. My Aunt Betty often reminds me that anxiety is a negative prayer. I certainly don’t need that. In red, are my Aunt Betty’s words to me:

The Lord is calling you to trust more. He gets a lot of honor, when we trust Him. Break the bad habit of years of anxiety trying to take over. Try not to identify with it. Keep praying in tongues, and see stuff going to the cross. There’s a gradual freeing. Tear down Satan’s strongholds.

God allows things to happen to teach us to let go. We need to let go of having to do things our way. Anxiety can be controlled by our breath. Take deep breath of God’s light. Give anxiety to the cross.

The Lord wants you to let go, and the doors will go wide open. When we are out of His will, we get frustrated. If we push God’s will, we get frustrated. If we are in God’s will, we praise Him, whether He closes or opens a door. We don’t want to go through any door He doesn’t want. A lot of doors open, when we have that attitude.

Ask the Lord to help you get past being frustrated, because your will isn’t always in agreement with His. Can you say, “Lord, please help me get more into the timing of Your will.” There’s a part of you rushing ahead of the Lord. Pray, “Lord, show me where I’m pushing ahead.” As you pray in tongues, you get more peaceful. When you get shortness of breath, take a deep breath of the Lord’s light.

Give your pain to the Lord. Don’t carry it. Hand it over. As a child, if something wasn’t pleasant, you tried to avoid it. Now, if something is painful, give it to the Lord. Let it go to the cross. It’s time you meet the child Jesus. There’s a better way of handling things like this. Ask Jesus to heal your inner child.



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  1. I agree with this and also suffer from anxiety coupled with lack of patience. I am slowly learning to meditate using contemplative prayer, focusing on my own breathing, heartbeat, and the sacred heart of Jesus. It’s helping me though I have a long way to go. And sure beats drugs LOL


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