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In red are my Aunt Betty’s words to me in regards to being caught in a dynamic with some individuals? What’s the common thread, and what is it in you that these people get caught in? I’m hearing it’s a spirit of control. Do you see within yourself that heavy darkness? Your Perfectionist is very controlling. She’s arrogant, controlling, and rebellious. “Lord, if I unconsciously chose the Perfectionist as a way of control and unwittingly opened myself to a spirit of Perfectionism and control, I ask for your grace to be in such a place that you can free me today from any hold these spirits have over me.” The Lord, is showing you how you got into this. I pray that you open consciously to this driving force that you have to be perfect. “Lord, we know of ourselves we can’t do this, but we ask, in the spirit of penitence of this season, that you will make an exception, and free us, so no one has to suffer needlessly with this.”

Your kid is caught in the lie that her real Father will find her “not good enough.” So, she feels she needs this false sense of control. The kid believes the lie that she’s the only one who can fix it. “Lord, I have to back off, and let You fix it instead of insisting I need to control it.” Jesus is holding out His hand to your inner kid to hand over the judgments. Can you see the adult help the kid to give it over? “Lord, I repent of the conclusion I reached that I couldn’t trust anyone who is father.” Image giving Jesus that deceit. I’m hearing, “God, I’ll let you be in charge. I agree that You’re God, and I can trust You to make right decisions. I give you the lie that no one else can do it right.”

Keep believing Jesus is the one who saves. We believe all things are possible. “Lord, we believe that because of who you are, that you’ll permit the freedom needed here. Take from us any deceit that’s blocking the healing.” Pope Francis said that God wants to bring a lot of transformation to His people this Lent. “We’re going to open our hearts and be available to You, Lord. Help your people be the people they need to be, so you can set them free.”  Let’s believe that we are these people. We let go, and trust Him.

Let go of what you desire, and put it in the Lord’s hands. The problem with wanting to be in control is that you can get off in a false way of looking at life, and Satan can get caught in that. Tell Jesus you don’t have to be in control. “Lord, help me renounce bad habits.” Ask Him to help you believe that He truly is the Lord. It’s a slow death to a habit to want to be in control. That’s what He’s trying to teach you this Lent. For you to get healed, God has to permit things to go out of control in order for you to give up the lie that you’re in control. So, image, think, or feel the lie that you need to be in control going into Jesus’ hands. Say, “I don’t need to be in control. Jesus can handle this.”

These are all the lies of the spirit of control that by our inner kid allowing it to act out, we’ve opened the door Satan uses. So, we’re being called to get all these doors closed, so Jesus can get the spirit of control out of us. In deliverance, people really have to do the work of renouncing, so when the spirit is casted out, it will stay out, because the door is closed. If we don’t do the work, then we can open the door to the spirit again.

“Anything Satan told us that’s opposed to this, we give to you Lord.” St. Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Even St. Paul had to go through this that “You, Jesus, alone are the Savior and healer. You can and are making the difference in all our lives. We’re not.” To You be all glory. This is the kind of healing that we have to put back in Jesus’ hands, and we have to have obedient hearts. That way anything else that needs healing can be healed. The lie is that we have to save ourselves. So, God almost needs to let us not see ourselves as being part of the healing.

Get an obedient heart, and do whatever He tells you. That’s what you have to do to get free. Stop trying to do it, and let God. Your Perfectionist is so controlling. That part of you keeps trying to mess up what we’re praying. “Lord, we won’t get free if You don’t take over. Any way that the others I’m praying for have a similar problem, have mercy, and get us all free. God is saying to our inner kids to give Him the Savior button. “We give you the lie that our kid has to be in control, or everything will fall apart.”

Follow the Lord, and if He asks you to do something, do it. Don’t question it. We don’t need to know why. We’re trusting Him to do it without our help. Be careful the spirit of control doesn’t stop your healing by you thinking you have to be in control. Put it in the hands of Jesus, so your inner kid doesn’t think she’s doing it, because that’s the problem. God will bring forth the Divine Life when we go through things with patience and resignation.


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  1. Love this quote: ” It’s a slow death to a habit to want to be in control. That’s what He’s trying to teach you this Lent. For you to get healed, God has to permit things to go out of control in order for you to give up the lie that you’re in control.” I am learning to let go of my kids. They are all fine and so different. I don’t find it too difficult to let 2 of them go, since I believe they are competent and in God’s hands. It’s just the other one who I worry about since she seems so broken. God, please help me TRUST that she is in your hands.

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