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I continue to be given continuous opportunities to die to my will. Rachel got her cast off a couple weeks ago, and it’s now a waiting game as to whether it will heal properly or need surgery. It’s been a very long road due to some mistakes that were made in her care. Here are my Aunt Betty’s words to me tonight:

You open the door to receive blessings, when you trust the Lord to bring good out of your situations. You choose to go with what the Word of God says. You open the door for God to act. Every act we make has consequences. That’s something to think about. The saints believed in God’s Word, so their lives had good consequences. We can give into doubting, and then we have negative consequences. It’s our choice.

According to His Word, He said He can bring good out of everything. “All things work together for good for those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28) The rebellious part of us wants to say “no.” But if we believe the Word of God, we will trust. You have to grow stronger, so you put more value into God’s word, rather than what your own concupiscence wants. We want our way, and that part dies with difficulty.



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