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This excerpt comes from a time a couple years ago when I was regretting a decision I had made. Below are my Aunt Betty’s words to me:

When darkness is at work, you don’t want to open the doors and give Satan more permission unless you want to suffer.  There is suffering that has eternal merit and suffering that is a waste of time.  Keep putting the situation up into the hands of the Lord.  Then go back into peace and glorify God. 

To keep dwelling on it, especially when you’re prone to depression, is to tempt yourself back into depression.  What good is that?  Instead, we can hand it to the Lord and fast from torturing ourselves.  This can be a prayer for our intentions.

We can slide into depression by thinking of the bad things that might happen.  We lose time whereas we could be praying.  “Lord, I pray to know your will.  Is this what you wanted?”  When you go into discernment for something, you pray and you then make your decision.  Afterwards you never go back to question it.  It becomes Divine Will.  You accept your decision, right or wrong.  Don’t let Satan put you in his torture chamber of questioning.  Look back in the Bible for examples of those who trusted God and didn’t question their decisions.  Trust God to bring good out of it.  Satan loves people who allow him to torture them.  It encourages him to create more problems, because these people are fighting and saying, “what if?”  Instead, put that energy into prayer that it’ll help everyone.  Throw it up to the Lord.  “Continue to teach me.  This too has a purpose.  Lord, show me what It’s all about.”  Trust that whatever the Lord permits is for your good, because He only works for our good. Ask the Lord to teach you.  What is it in me that knows His power. yet I let Satan torture me?  I make that decision which is not good for me.  I give God more glory by trusting in His will—trusting in His fidelity.  When we torture ourselves, we give Satan glory and waste time. 

There’s still something in us, if we go into these anxiety frenzies.  Put that before the Lord, and let Him break the bad habit.  It’s like an addiction.  Acceptance is needed.  When things happen that are not in our will, the Lord is trying to help us yield to His will.  It is a conflict—whatever it is in us that wants more than His Divine Will.  “Not my will, but Thine be done.”  In Eternity, we will see that all these trials were important to our spiritual journey.  The only way through is when we yield to Him.  He can work all things together for good for those who love Him.  When we learn the lesson, things will get better. The Lord never lets a door close, unless there’s another one that opens. 

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