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My Aunt Betty’s ministry is to help lead people to becoming the man or woman they were created to be. That is the person that will glorify God the Father when we stand before Him in Eternity. Here’s what she said:

St. Ignatius said, “The glory of God is man or woman fully alive.” God gets great glory out of us becoming who He intended us to be.  We can listen, and help others find who God is calling them to be.  If we stay with that as a guideline, we can be sure we will give God glory, and the purpose for the other’s being will be fulfilled.  We don’t set up a plan, whereby each person will do this, thus, and so.  We have to listen, and watch what God is trying to do with this person, and encourage them to go the way that will help them hear that.  That’s a mistake a lot of parents make.  They unconsciously send messages, which their children pick up, and act out.  Ask the Lord if you are unconsciously sending your children messages that you need to let go of.  We need a purification of our hearts. 




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