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I really liked the character, Miss Clara, in the movie, “War Room.” She’d make a good spiritual mentor. Below are her words to Elizabeth, a young mom struggling to save her marriage. It can relate to any other problem in our life.


Miss Clara's words to Elizabeth from the movie War Room:
"God is a good defense attorney. Trust it to Him. And then you can 
turn your focus to the real enemy. The real enemy? The one that 
wants to remain hidden. The one that wants to distract you and 
deceive you and divide you from the Lord and your husband! You see, 
that's how he works. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. And he is stealing your joy. He is killing your faith and he's 
trying to destroy your family. If I were you, I would get my heart right with God. And you need to do your fighting in prayer! And you need to kick the real enemy out of your home with the 
word of God. It's time for you to fight, Elizabeth. It's time for you to fight for your marriage! It's time for you to fight the real enemy! It's time for you to take off the gloves and do it! There's no magic in the location you pray. But scripture does say to go into 
your inner room and pray in secret. And your heavenly Father, who 
sees what's done in secret, will reward you. Now get rid of any 
distractions and focus your heart and mind on Him. Acknowledge that 
He is God, and that you desperately need Him. Now, be grateful for 
your blessings, but lift your needs and requests to Him. If you've 
got something to confess, then confess it. Ask Him for forgiveness. 
Then choose to believe Him when He says that He loves you and will 
take care of you. Then pray for the heart of your husband, your daughter and anyone else that the Lord brings to your mind. And don't rush it. You take your time, and then you listen."

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