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When the Lord speaks to us He invites, encourages, and maybe even urges, but He does NOT pressure.  I have been looking back on my journals from over 15 years ago and came across my journal entry on a time I thought I had enough.  Betty was teaching me to give Jesus control of my pressure button, so He could teach me the balance. Her words are below in red:

An urging is good if it means that we want to be who God has called us to be.  We want to have a passion for God’s will.  The peace we’re seeking is only to be found in His will.  Everything else is straw.  We are our worst enemies in pressuring.  The pressure is often within.  “Lord, help me see where your will is and then to put my energy there.” When others ask us to do things, we can tell them we will pray about it first.  If we don’t hear the Lord asking us to do it, then we don’t do it.  We can’t blame others when we do things we weren’t called to do.  If we can’t do it in peace, we let it go.

When people put their pressure on us, sometimes we explode.  It’s easier to project onto them.  Go into prayer and ask the Lord to make it clear to you when to get with another with whom you’re at odds.  Get focused and say, “Lord, help me to learn how not to pressure myself.”  Then the pressure of others will fall inline. It’s when we feel the pressure inside and it grows that others are more annoying to us. We are determined that the other has to change.  It’s more accurate to say I have to change.  Then others won’t bother me so much.  Jesus was focused on His Father’s will, so he didn’t allow others to get to Him.  Often, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves that the Lord doesn’t ask for. Thankfully, you have a peaceful husband who role models to you daily how to live in the moment.  Your home is a place of refuge from the pressures outside. 



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